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Mission Statement | Service and Accessibility | Administration and Innovation

Mission Statement

At Raymond, Reeves & Stout, LLP our mission is to ensure that our clients realize and even exceed their retirement planning goals. We strive to provide exceptional and dedicated personal service. We are committed to deliver premier third-party administration for tax-qualified retirement plans and offer creative and innovative solutions for your individual retirement planning, investment, IRA, and life insurance protection needs.


Service and Accessibility

Our staff of service-oriented professionals at Raymond, Reeves & Stout, LLP is committed to being readily available to respond to the questions or concerns of our clients and their legal and tax advisors. We strive to provide the personal attention your business deserves.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies, benefit/cost analysis and retirement plan design.
  • Document preparation and qualification services.
  • Plan implementation and installation.
  • Employee communication, education and enrollment services.
  • Mutual fund investments and financial services*.
  • Record keeping.
  • Complete plan reporting to participants and governmental agencies.
  • Benefit calculations, distribution forms and reporting.
  • Third Party Administrator Consulting and special studies.


Administration and Innovation

Raymond, Reeves & Stout, LLP will carefully and thoughtfully design, implement and administer all types of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans as follows:

  • Profit Sharing. The most flexible form of tax qualified employer funded retirement plan, which allows a variable contribution from year to year of up to 25% of participant compensation.
  • Age-weighted Allocation. This plan type combines features of both defined benefit and profit sharing plans, providing larger contributions to those closest to retirement, while maintaining year to year contribution flexibility.
  • Cross-tested Allocation. The latest innovation in fixed or discretionary formulas which can provide a different level of contribution to various classes of participants. If appropriate to your workforce, it optimizes benefits to key personnel.
  • SEP's and SIMPLE Plans. Hybrids of profit sharing and IRA or 401(k) plans with unique participation and limited contribution features.
  • 403(b) Plans. Tax deferred retirement programs available to Section 501(c)(3) exempt organizations and public schools.
  • 401(k) Plans. Extremely popular form of profit sharing plan, which allows pre-tax employee contributions with or without an employer discretionary match.
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan. A special type of 401(k) plan which allows key personnel to make maximum allowable salary deferrals without 401(k) discrimination testing.
  • Defined Benefit and 412(e)(3) Defined Benefit. An annual retirement benefit is funded by reference to such actuarial variables as compensation, age, interest rates and mortality tables. Contributions are mandatory at the level that meets the actuarial funding requirement.
  • Cash Balance. A defined benefit plan that provides mandatory contributions at different levels to various classes of participants. Depending on employee demographics, it optimizes benefits to key personnel at much higher deduction limits than in a Cross-tested Allocation plan.
  • Target Benefit. Provides a mandatory level contribution based on a pre-defined retirement income. The retirement income, however, is not guaranteed, in contrast to a defined benefit plan.
  • ESOP's. Allows for a contribution or purchase of employer stock. This plan can provide a ready source of capital within the business itself for expansion or redemption.


This material is for informational purposes only. The information cannot be used or relied upon for the purpose of avoiding IRS penalties. These materials are not intended to provide tax, accounting or legal advice. As with all matters of a tax or legal nature, you should consult your own tax or legal counsel for advice. Raymond, Reeves & Stout, LLP, Signator Financial Services, Inc., nor its representatives offer tax or legal advice.

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